About Me

What I love about teaching...

love about teaching

  • Teaching all the styles, classical, musical theater, and contemporary. Such a delicious variety.
  • The larynx. That it can literally voice the feelings of the soul. It is a miracle to me. Every day.
  • The gift it is to be able to guide a student in finding and building their unique voice. It still gives me goosebumps.
  • The days I get to scoop up a world-weary student, have them sing away their troubles and send them bouncing back out the door happy and pink cheeked (singing is healthy for you:).  
  • How building someone’s voice also builds their confidence. 
  • Teaching my students how to authentically tell the story. This transcendence of the present reality is the magic of theater. 
  • Showing my students everything they already know how to do with their voices and how to further liberate and support their instruments.


Training Stats


  • Bachelor of Music, Manhattan School of Music
  • Master of Music, Manhattan School of Music
  • Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Utah
  • Rock the Audition Teacher Training with Sheri Saunders
  • The Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute, Sessions I, II, III
  • 9 National and International Conferences
  • Dozens of National Association of Teachers of Singing trainings
  • Decades of vocal instruction in multiple genres; stacks of books and DVD’s. 

Performance Stats and Testimonials


I have had the joy of singing 20 roles, from Queens to Wardrobes; 34 solo concerts across the nation, some of which championed living composers music; 32 joint concerts with organizations across the nation including an alumni concert at Manhattan School of Music; produced and directed 13 shows from Utah to New York, including La Cenerentola at the University of Utah. 

“Ruth gave a detailed and moving performance as a mad boy, physically expressive and precise notwithstanding the fact that she was rigged by Foy for a complicated flying route and singing (faultlessly) a murderous coloratura showpiece. In those perilous moments Ruth showed a rare ability to integrate physical, intellectual, vocal and emotional priorities in a coherent affecting performance. I honest cannot think of any singer alive who could have done this part better.” Stephen Wadsworth, Head of Dramatic Studies, Lindemann Young Artist Development Program, Metropolitan Opera

“Ruth Ellis was a stand out in our production of beauty and the beast at the Scera Shell outdoor theater...She played the wardrobe and kept us in stitches with her clever delivery... She is witty and fun and makes a great cast member. She loves the other cast members and even put together a cast talent show for our cast party. Ruth has the full package: talent, hard work ethic and pleasant to be around.” Martha Glissmeyer, Musical Director

Teacher Testimonials


"Thank you for all that you have done for me during voice lessons! This experience has done so much for my soul and spirit. It has taught me that I CAN DO anything, even sing in front of others." R.J. 

"I just wanted you to know how much you changed my life for good and what an influence you have been. I know I'm not the only one. Keep doing what you do...it changes lives. Singing IS someone's soul, and you make people learn what their soul means. I love you! Thanks again." S.S. 

"I just wanted to thank you for your support, encouragement, and knowledge. I appreciate how much you've taught me in just this short period! I love music so badly and want to share that love and the spirit of music with others, specifically children. I have never pursued this option simply out of fear, and feel great and wonderful things in attempting to overcome this paralyzing fear." C.P. 

"Thank you for all you did to help me prepare for my audition. I appreciate your sweet and loving personality that makes it so much easier to learn from you. You definitely have a love for music and it shines through when you teach. Thank you for all you do!"

Service and Leadership


I have served as an officer in the National Association of Teachers of Singing for the past 15 years. I currently serve as the Cal-Western (Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, California) Regional Governor. I have been happy to donate my time to serve the musical community as well as organize and perform many outreach programs to students in New York, Utah, Georgia and Italy. 



I am blessed with six children, four of whom are adults (ssh! that makes me cry a little). My husband and I have been married for 30 years (ssh! That makes me sound old). Pink makes me happy! My favorite escape is to go to the movies. Favorite guilty pleasure would be Ruffles and Chocolate ice cream, every other bite. 

Enough about me...Let's talk about you!